Affiliate program for climbing products

Affiliate program for climbing products

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Join the Climb: Wall Walkers Bouldering Affiliate Program now open

Affiliate program for climbing products! 

Wall Walkers Bouldering is excited to announce the launch of our Affiliate Marketing Program! 

Designed for people who are passionate about climbing and want to earn extra income while promoting the sport we love!

  • Earn commission on each successful referral

  • Share your affiliate links and generate passive income!

  • Our Affiliate program for climbing products provides opportunities for growth, as you can build your own business, grow your audience, and increase your earning potential over time.

  • Affiliate marketing has a low barrier to entry, meaning you can start promoting products and services with minimal investment or technical expertise.

  •  The Affiliate program for climbing products offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere and set your own schedule.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing at its core is pretty simple.

  1. Find a great product or service which you love,
  2. Sign up for the affiliate program,
  3. Share your links with friends, social media, email newsletters, and more,
  4. Get paid for every successful purchase through your links!

What is The Commission?

Brakect % Commission Description

Up to the first $50 of cumulative commission sales.


Between $50 - $100 of cumulative commission sales.


Anything over $100 of cumulative commission sales.

Commissions are calculated and paid monthly and Will Not be applied to purchases by current members.

Example 1:

Mary Jane shares her affiliate links on Instagram and sells 30 different items in a month. To calculate her commission, we multiply the sale price by 10% until Mary's total commission is more than $50. Subsequent sales are multiplied by 20% until Mary's total commission is over $100. Finally, all further sales are multiplied by 30%.

Example 2:

John shares his affiliate links through his personal blog and sells 5 items in a month. To calculate his commission, we multiply the sale price by 10% for all sales until John's total commission is greater than $50. Then, all subsequent sales will be multiplied by 20%.

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To learn more about the terms of Wall Walkers Bouldering Affiliate program for climbing products, check out the registration form's Terms and Conditions section. This agreement is essential to read before registration.

  1. Commissions on sales will not be calculated for sales to members,
  2. Affiliates must use marketing materials that Wall Walkers Bouldering provides in a Google Drive folder when sharing links. In the same folder, Affiliates can find information about upcoming sales, events, and specials,
  3. Wall Walkers Bouldering reserves the right to revoke the Affiliate account of any user who breaches the rules or Terms and Conditions. Outstanding commissions owed to terminated Affiliates will be paid on the next scheduled payment date. No new sales commissions can be earned between the termination date and the date of payment,
  4. We understand that not everyone is experienced in promoting climbing products or brands. That's why we have set guidelines to ensure that our affiliate program is successful for both parties. When applying to become an affiliate, we will assess your social media presence and engagement to determine if you have enough followers to promote our products effectively. If we feel that you do not meet our criteria, we may decline your request to join our affiliate program.

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Limited Spots

Max 10 Affiliates

Get in quick, the first round of affiliate links is limited to only 10 people.

Spread the Sport you love!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Affiliate program for climbing products and can't wait to connect with our new affiliates. This program is an excellent opportunity to turn your love for climbing into a profitable endeavor and help others discover the joys of bouldering.

Once accepted, affiliates will have access to various resources and tools to promote our products effectively. These resources include unique affiliate links, promotional materials, and regular updates on new products and promotions.

We will continue to expand our affiliate program to include more products, making this just the beginning. Our goal is to partner with individuals who share our passion for climbing and are dedicated to promoting our brand.

To become a Wall Walkers Bouldering affiliate, click the link below and apply today. We can't wait to work with you!

Together! we can spread the love of bouldering and earn some extra income in the process!

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