Air-Conditioned Bouldering Capalaba

Air-Conditioned Bouldering Capalabad

  • Open 24/7

    Climb anytime! Open 24 / 7 to members and punch card holders.  Climb on your schedule!

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  • Events and fun Time

    Stay Tuned

    From social sessions to competitions to BBQs and community sets.  We have multiple community events!

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  • Weekly Resets

    10 - 13 new routes each week.

    Wall Walkers Bouldering resets a wall section each week to ensure our members and guests always have something new to conquer.

Welcome to Wall Walkers - Capalaba's Air-Conditioned Bouldering Haven

Climb in comfort at Wall Walkers Bouldering.  Capalaba's exclusive air-conditioned bouldering gym. Our facility blends the thrill of bouldering with the luxury of a cool, climate-controlled environment.

About Our Gym

Air-Conditioned Bouldering Capalaba. Wall Walkers Bouldering is not just a bouldering gym; it's a climber's paradise in the heart of Capalaba. As the first air-conditioned indoor bouldering gym in the area, we offer an unparalleled climbing experience. Our walls are designed for both beginners and pros, featuring a variety of routes that are updated weekly to ensure our members and guests always have new challenges.

Wall Walkers Bouldering
Fully air-conditioned; open 24 / 7; weekly resets

Our Walls and Facility

Our bouldering gym is equipped with over 60 meticulously designed routes, reset weekly, which cater to all skill levels. The highlight is our 25° MoonBoard with over 4,000 routes, perfect for technique refinement and strength building. Our safety measures are top-notch, ensuring a worry-free climb every time.  We have something for every climber.

Join Our Community

Wall Walkers Bouldering is more than a bouldering gym; it's a vibrant community of climbing enthusiasts.  Participate in our workshops, social events, and competitions.  Share experiences and tips with fellow climbers, and immerse yourself in the supportive atmosphere that makes Wall Walkers Bouldering unique.

Contact and Visit Us

Ready to experience a 24 / 7 air-conditioned bouldering gym with great routes, and frequent updates close to home? Visit us at 6 Jones Rd, Capalaba, or contact us at 0414 759 925 for more information. We're open 24/7, so climb anytime on your schedule at Wall Walkers Bouldering Gym.