Comp Squad

Test your limits!

Every Saturday from 8:00 to 09:30 am.  $30 per week max 6 kids.

Comp Squad

Test your limits!

Every Saturday from 8:00 to 09:30 am.  $30 per week max 6 kids.


Training, to become a stronger climber with like-minded people.

Build strength, skill, and technique

Comp Squad is for kids who want to test their limits, and learn advanced climbing movements and techniques such as, in-depth footwork, body positioning/awareness, using momentum, optimizing the use of hold types and grip types, detailed beta breakdown, visualisation.

Training will be tailored to individuals to suit different strengths and weaknesses such as physical body strength, finger strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and head space.  Kids will learn everything they need to be successful in climbing competitions such as detailed rule break down for different competition formats, strategies, and competitive mentality.

Perhaps the most important part...have fun and make friends!


How do I join CompSquad?

Kids are only offered the opportunity to join CompSquad after completing one term of YouthFam.  This is to ensure climbing and competing is something they really do enjoy and want to pursue. 

We will only offer kids a spot in CompSquad if there is one currently available.

What is Included?

The membership price includes:

  • Entry to the gym during hours of operation,
  • 20 classes with our instructor split over two school terms,
  • Rental shoes and chalk if needed
How does the membership work?

The membership will work the same as all other memberships.  The length is fixed at 6 months and will cover two school terms (One semester).  The kids will be able to climb any time they wish during our hours of operation and receive all regular member benefits.

How much does it cost?

Class is $30 each week with a one-time upfront cost of $133.  The membership rate will be charged over the length of the membership minus one month.

I'm a member do I get a discount?

No. This is a membership pass that also covers classes. Once purchased your child will receive a 20% discount on any climbing gear purchased through our pro shop.

What will my child learn?

The kids will learn:

  1. Intermediate to advanced climbing techniques, when to apply them, and why,
  2. How to physically / mentally train to climb at their best,
  3. How to warm up correctly and avoid injury during training competitions,
  4. Everything they will need to be a successful climber.
What time is Comp Squad?

Class is every Saturday morning at 8:00 - 09:30 am in total a 90 min.

Classes will vary from week to week and focus on building strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and climbing skill.

I signed up for the membership but cant make a class?

There are no refunds or transfers for missed classes.

My class was canceled by Wall Walkers, What now??

In the event, Wall Walkers cancels a class, we will run a make-up class at a later date.

My child wants to join but not compete?

As we have more demand we may form another class with no focus on competition, however, CompSquad is designed around this purpose for kids who want to compete. 

The price remains fixed at $30 per week even if your child does not want to compete. 

For this reason, kids are only offered the opportunity to join CompSquad after completing one term of YouthFam to ensure it is something they want to pursue.

Comp Squad Instructor

Corey Batten

Hi, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in person at Wall Walkers!

I’ve been climbing for 11 years with around 9 years of competition experience and have consistently made top 6 climbers (finals for the comps) for about 7 years.

I won the Queensland state title in 2016 and am now unofficially retired from competition climbing.  With the addition of my son to our family, I am looking to peruse other aspects of climbing more, such as coaching and helping the next generation of Climbers!

My favourite thing about climbing is all the different ways I can challenge myself and push the boundaries of what I’m capable all the amazing people in the climbing community. 

And much more...

What do i need?

Comp Squad includes the rental of climbing shoes if your child does not have their own, other than this they should wear comfortable clothing similar to what you would wear to the gym

Comp Squad is full.

The next class intake will start 24th May 2023

How do i book in?

Comp Squad classes cannot be directly booked. 

In order to get a spot in Comp Squad your child will first need to participate in a term of Youth Fam.  This is to ensure they are going to enjoy climbing as a sport and want to commit to more difficult training and competitions.  Comp Squad spots are strictly limited to 6 to ensure enough time is spent with each child in the class.

If you would like more information you can contact us using the below:

  1. Email -,
  2. Phone - 0414 759 925,
  3. Social media messages - InstagramFacebook,
  4. In-person - 6 Jones Rd, Capalaba

Terms and Conditions:

  1. CompSquad spots are offered to children who show interest in climbing and want to pursue training and competition,
  2. Kids must either first complete 1 term of Youth Squad or have demonstrated significant interest in climbing as a sport in order to be offered a spot in CompSquad,
  3. Comp Squad is limited to 6 children max,
  4. Kids must be 7 - 18 years old to participate in CompSquad,
  5. If Wall Walkers Bouldering cancels a class, we will schedule a make-up class on a different day,
  6. Wall Walkers Bouldering reserves the right to refuse membership renewal to the class if your child is not participating in classes or competitions regularly,
  7. There are no refunds for missed classes or competition entries,
  8. CompSquad kids will be given a Wall Walkers t-shirt which must be worn during competitions,
  9. This membership pass allows unlimited climbing at Wall Walkers Bouldering for the duration of the pass period only during hours of operation which may change from time to time,
  10. Shoe hire is included in the membership price,
  11. Chalk bag hire is included in the membership price,
  12. Memberships may be frozen for a period of 1 week without charge,  subsequent weeks will be charged at $5 per week,
  13. No discounts or refunds will be given for missed classes due to freezing a membership,
  14. 1 Free pass card will be issued to the pass holder on their first visit to Wall Walkers, if this card is lost or stolen there will be a $20 replacement fee,
  15. Comp Squad memberships may not be transferred to another person,
  16. All prices include 10% GST,
  17. Surcharges may apply where stated however there are no additional administration fees, registration fees, or any other charges.