Bouldering 24 Hour 7 Days

Bouldering 24 Hour 7 Days

  • 60+ Routes

    10 - 13 new routes each set

    Come check us out! Our gym is small but packed full of great climbing!

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  • 25° MoonBoard

    4000+ Routes

    Great for building technique and strength alike, or for benchmarking progress.  Check out the Special MoonBoard-only Pass, just $69.99 per month!

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Discover Limitless Bouldering at Our 24/7 Bouldering Gym

Passionate about bouldering but can't seem to find a gym to match your unconventional schedule? Welcome to Wall Walkers Bouldering! Brisbane’s first and only 24/7 bouldering gym.  Located in Capalaba our climbing routes provide various unique physical challenges at any hour of the day or night.

Whether you're a dawn climber or prefer to ascend at midnight, our gym provides a superior bouldering experience tailored to your needs. No longer restricted by traditional gym hours, you can refine your skills, tackle thrilling routes, and chase projects at your own pace.

Our facility caters to both beginners and seasoned climbers, with routes and problems designed to challenge every skill level. Our knowledgeable team frequently refreshes our climbing scenarios, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience with each visit. Plus, with our robust safety measures, you can focus on scaling new heights with confidence.

We're more than just a gym; we're a vibrant community of climbing enthusiasts. Join our social events, bouldering workshops, and friendly competitions to connect with fellow climbers. Share experiences, techniques, and stories while becoming part of our passionate climbing family.

Your love for bouldering doesn't follow the clock, and neither should your gym. Visit our 24-hour bouldering gym today and ascend beyond the ordinary at your own pace.

  • Wall Walkers Bouldering is Brisbane's first and only 24/7 bouldering gym located in Capalaba, offering unique physical challenges around the clock to suit climbers of any schedule.

  • 60+ routes, plus a 25 degree MoonBoard with 4000+ routes

  • The facility caters to climbers of all skill levels, with a variety of routes and frequent updates to ensure a fresh experience each visit, supported by robust safety measures.

  • Beyond a gym, Wall Walkers fosters a vibrant community of climbing enthusiasts through social events, workshops, and competitions, inviting climbers to connect, share experiences, and become part of the climbing family.