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Spray What?

A spray wall is a type of artificial climbing wall packed tight with climbing holds and designed for bouldering.

There are various ways to use a spray wall.  At Wall Walkers Bouldering Capalaba, thanks to the density of climbing hold on the wall we have added all our walls to Retro Flash.  An app designed to create and monitor spray wall problems. The difficulty of the problems can vary, so climbers can progress at their own pace and challenge themselves as they improve.

Spray walls are often used by climbers as a way to train and improve their skills when they can't climb outdoors as spray wall routes require more route-finding skills they are closer to outdoor problems.

Come try it out at all Walkers Bouldering Capalaba.

Want something different?

Endless Climbing Opportunities:

With a densely packed spray wall system, you'll never run out of new routes and challenges to tackle. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's always a new problem to solve and skills to develop.

Introducing Retro Flash:

The perfect complement to Wall Walker's Bouldering. With the Retro Flash app, you can create your own custom routes, share them with the community, and even grade other climbers' routes. With endless user-generated content, you'll always have a new challenge to take on.

Test Your Limits:

Whether you're looking to improve your technique or simply have fun, our spray wall system lets you create your own routes or take on challenges from other climbers. Push yourself to new heights, test your limits, and discover what you're capable of achieving.

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