Our Team


Shane - Wall Walkers Director

Hi and welcome to Wall Walkers!

I am originally from and grew up in Brisbane but went to Vancouver, Canada when I was 20 where I spent almost 5 years in total.  After that, I moved to Shanghai, China where I spent the next 7/8 years.

I love new challenges and adventure, two qualities which I'm sure drew me to Climbing!

I first started climbing in China at indoor bouldering/climbing gyms but quickly progressed to outdoor sport climbing when a friend introduced me to Lion Rock in Linan, close to Hangzhou (临安区龙上狮子岩).

LongShang (name of the village) is a beautiful little village with an amazing bamboo forest.  It comes straight up to the base of the climbing wall as you climb.  In certain spots, you climb straight out of the forest to get an amazing view over the top of the bamboo and straight down into the valley and village.

I met many great people and climbers here and was sad to leave, however, I am now looking forward to my new adventure with Wall Walkers.  

Come down and say hi.


Bon - Wall Walkers Director

Hi, great to have you on our site and hope you drop into our Capalaba location.

I grew up in a mountainous area in the middle of China as a result my life has always been strongly connected to nature.  I loved adventuring around the mountains and observing nature during its different seasons.

For almost a decade I have worked as a landscape architect and urban designer and enjoy the wonderfulness of connecting people through space, either indoors or outdoors.

I was introduced to climbing by friends and it fit nicely into my lifestyle.  I found climbing provided a great way to explore new places while challenging me to push my limits. The sense of achievement after completing a difficult climb gave me a great sense of self-confidence.

I have taken all my knowledge and passion for design and incorporated this into Wall Walkers, I hope you like the little space we created and would love to hear from you in person or on social media!


Evoke your inner power and create places where everyone is welcomed.

Climbing is for everyone.  We strive to create and maintain a safe, fun, exciting community where all climbers feel welcomed and comfortable.



Climbing is our natural power, we want you to discover your energy, strength, and willpower through its challenges and adventures. We believe climbing isn’t about the wall in front us, it's about climbing to our true self.


We all need something that gives our mind peace and purpose and for us its climbing. Be passionate about what you love and work towards building your true self.


To experience the joy and satisfaction of climbing, We support the time-honoured values of respect, trust, fairness, and kindness. we support every progress you make, always here for you.


We believe in treating people as we wish to be treated and that acting with these qualities in mind will lead to a kinder, more respectful environment and community for everyone.


A big shout out and thank you to all the people and companies who made Wall Walkers possible.  Check them out for yourselves.


A Game/Application Developer

A small indie game studio started through a love of creating fun ways to assist people in procrastinating. We enjoy making a wide variety of games however to date we only have three published on the Google Play store. More games are on the way and we hope to begin creating more and more fun adventures

Currently responsible for a few Android Games such as Space Shooter -The A Belt.

GGD has built and will continue to maintain our front and back end IT solutions using various platforms.  Check them out by clicking their logo.