Kids Classes

Youth Fam Saturdays

Active learning, Problem solving, Fun!

Our climbing classes offer a dynamic and enriching experience for youth, blending fun with educational climbing. Kids are introduced to the essentials of climbing, enhancing their problem-solving skills, confidence, physical strength, and balance. This is achieved in a device-free, interactive group setting, providing a safe and social environment for beginners and experienced climbers alike to advance their skills.

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Youth Fam Thursdays

Climbing With Purpose!

YouthFam Thursdays provide children with a consistent, energizing climbing program. The regular Thursday sessions help integrate climbing into weekly routines, fostering progress and dedication. These classes also offer a mid-week boost, refreshing children's focus for other activities, while ensuring personalized coaching in smaller class sizes for effective skill development.

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Comp Squad

Test Your Limits!

Comp Squad caters to kids aspiring to improve their climbing skills, focusing on strength, skill, and technique. Participants learn advanced techniques and strategies, including footwork and body awareness, tailored to individual needs. The emphasis is also on enjoyment and social interaction, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere for developing climbing expertise and friendships.

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