YouthFam Thursdays

Climbing with purpose

Every Thursday from 4:15 pm to 05:15 pm.  $200 per term max 5 kids.

YouthFam Thursdays

Climbing with a purpose

Every Thursday from 4:15 pm to 05:15 pm.  $200 per term max 5 kids.

Why YouthFam Thursdays?

Consistent Schedule for a Balanced Routine

YouthFam Thursday afternoon bouldering classes offer a regular and reliable time slot, making it easy for parents and children to incorporate bouldering sessions into their weekly schedules. Consistency fosters commitment and progress, allowing your child to thrive.

Mid-Week Energy Boost

YouthFam Thursdays climbing class provides an invigorating mid-week break for your child. While the enjoyment of vigorous and demanding physical exercise provides an outlet for their accumulated vigor, upon returning to their studies or other pursuits, they rediscover their attention and passion revived.

Personalized Coaching and Attention

By hosting our climbing class on Thursdays, we create an environment with smaller class sizes, ensuring each participant receives individualized coaching and feedback. This tailored approach helps your child develop their climbing skills more effectively and efficiently.

Holistic Development for Lifelong Benefits

YouthFam Thursday climbing classes go beyond simply teaching climbing techniques. In cultivating an encouraging atmosphere, we concentrate on fostering your child's concentration, capacity for resolving difficulties, and self-belief with an equivalent number of words. Equip your child with valuable life skills while keeping them physically active!

Sign up now and give your child the opportunity to grow, learn, and have fun in YouthFam Thursdays bouldering sessions!

Spots available

Term 1 Signups Underway, the first class will be 25th, January, 2024.

YouthFam Thursdays Instructor


Our YouthFam Thursdays coach is still to be determined however rest assured the class will run as scheduled at the start of term.  Check back soon for updates.


How big are the classes?

Term classes have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5 people per term to ensure enough attention is provided to each young climber.

Classes may be joined on a case-by-case basis by kids from CompSquad.

Wall Walkers Bouldering reserves the right to cancel term classes if the minimum required number is not met.

What is Included?

Classes include entry to the gym, the instructor, climbing shoes, and chalk for the class only.

Age requirements?

Our initial classes will be limited to 7- 10 years of age to ensure everyone is on a similar level.

Reach out to discuss your options if your child is younger as we will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

What do i need for class?

All climbers at Wall Walkers Bouldering are required to wear Climbing Shoes.

Other than this you should wear comfortable clothing similar to what you would wear to the gym.

For more information check out the First Timers page.

What will my child learn?

Classes are unstructured and will focus more on each climber's ability rather than a prescribed list of techniques and tricks. Each young climber will climb to their level with the instructor giving feedback and advice for improvement.  In general, they will learn:

  1. General introduction to climbing and climbing terminology,
  2. Problem-solving, exercise, group activity, socializing,
  3. Climbing tips, techniques needed to start or improve,
  4. Pathways for improvement and progression in climbing
What time is the YouthFam Thursday class?

Class is every Thursday afternoon at 04:15 pm - 05:15 pm in total a 60 mins.

Classes will vary from week to week and focus on building strength, confidence, social skills, balance, flexibility, coordination, and climbing skill.

How much does it cost?

Class is $200 for the term.  If your child does not have a membership they will have to pay to climb outside of the class.

If your child does have a membership they will still need to pay for the class.

If your child is a member of CompSquad, they may join the class for free.

I'm a member do I get a discount?

Yes, members will enjoy a 20% discount on the class fee.

I signed up for a term but can't make one of the classes?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the class structure, we are unable to provide refunds for missed classes. 

Wall Walkers Bouldering reserves the right to refuse new term bookings if multiple classes have been missed.  This is done to give other young climbers who may be more interested the opportunity to participate.

My term was cancelled by Wall Walkers, What now?

In the event Wall Walkers cancels a term, anyone who has booked in will be transferred to the next term or given a refund depending on their preference.

Can i enrol for multiple terms?

No.  Bookings for each term will be taken in the month prior to the new term.  Existing climbers with good attendance will be given the first chance to book each new term.

I have more questions?

Great! You can find our contact details Here, give us a call or send an email to clear things up.

And much more...

What do i need?

YouthFam Thursdays price includes the rental of climbing shoes if your child does not have their own, other than this they should wear comfortable clothing similar to what you would wear to the gym.

How do i book in?

Bookings are first come first served and can only be booked one term at a time. 

Our upcoming YouthFam Thursday class has available spots, sign-ups for the next term will start as stated above so be sure to join the waiting list if you're interested to join.

Simply fill out the form below to register your interest and a team member will be in touch shortly.